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Farmers who are exploring solar power and add-on products are doing so because using renewable power could help a farm go green—and keep green in their wallets.


Lower your utility bill with Show Me Star Energy, saving hundreds or more on top of large federal & state tax incentives. Enjoy a speedy installation process from a full-service energy service.


With rapid payback, strong internal rates of return, and a predictable cash flow stream, commercial solar projects can deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for businesses.

Be in Control

Reduce your energy use

Determine what is contributing to your electricity bill and identify opportunities to save through real-time energy monitoring.

See your whole home energy picture

View your solar production and energy use sideby-side to help you shift your power usage to peak production periods.

Set smart alerts

Create custom notifications to receive alerts when devices turn on or off. Did the garage door open? Sump pump turn on?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Darren Bent – Boone County, MO

We spoke to Show Me Star Energy about our current electric consumption. After a no pressure consultation over the phone with my husband and I we decided to go with our 8 KW solar system. Installation was a breeze and hassle free, the first month after installation we saw savings. We can monitor our system from our mobile devices while at work or vacation. We are very happy with our system and Show Me Star Energy.

Sarah Lesberry – Audrain County, MO

Our farm was build in the 1950s, that consumes a sizable amount of energy each month. With the help of our solar panels and solar hot water heater we are getting around 65% efficiently.  I’ve been able to make huge cuts to my monthly bill! I love no maintenance and easy monitoring.

The Johnsons – Boone County, MO

Installing the 40 KW solar system for our grain bins  was a great decision! We’ve managed to offset most of our electric needs for many generations. I am looking forward to enjoying the extra $2,000 per year of savings and generations of renewable energy.


Agriculture | Commercial | Residential

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Agriculture | Commercial | Residential

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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