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Our Pledge

Provide the most professional service to help our clients, as well as help save the environment one panel at a time


Founded in 2016 by Ches Heitmeyer and his family. With 15+ years in construction, heavy equipment, asphalt, and concrete experience has lead him to renewable energy. I am excited for this new adventure. Renewables are right for Missouri and the Midwest. In my free time I spend time with my family, friends, enjoying the outdoors.

Our Main Goal

“Community Focused”

Our vision is to educate communities on the benefits of solar, setting a strong foundations for future of electricity is right for generations. Investing into their own home to cash flow in the future will save thousands.

“Green Committed”

Show Me Star Energy’s mission is to develop, market innovative solar and energy efficiency products that save our customers money by providing solutions for homes, businesses and general utility applications.

“Reduction and Productiion”

Save money through state of the art technology, with Sense software the homeowner can track each appliance, to figure a energy budget. Using the home app you can make sure all of your appliances are running smooth and efficient. When there are problems they are tracked with a alter to make sure there are no problems.


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