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Missouri Solar Rebates and Incentives

Federal Tax Credits are reducing December 2019, however new Missouri Legislation is going to strengthen renewables. Sign up for updates.

Missouri solar incentives and rebates make going solar easy

In addition to being known for its stunning Gateway Arch and championship-caliber baseball team, St. Louis is gaining recognition for its impressive solar energy incentives. Going solar in Missouri is cheaper now than ever before thanks to the quality solar incentives in the Show Me State. Learn more about solar in Missouri and why it’s the best way to supply energy to your home.

Great utility-offered solar energy rebates in Missouri

Homeowners in Missouri have access to a variety of solar energy rebates from their utility, including:

Columbia Water & Light solar rebate

Utilities are required to meet a certain Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and want to encourage Missouri homeowners to go solar, bringing a chance for solar shoppers to collect some significant cash. Any solar homeowner who is a customer of Columbia Water & Light can get a payment of $500 per kilowatt (kW) of solar power generation capacity (up to 10kW).

Kansas City Power & Light solar rebate

Net metered solar households supplied by Kansas City Power & Light can receive a rebate payment of up to $1 per watt of solar power installed on their home. The payment rates of this rebate program vary based on your application date, so make sure to check with the utility to confirm your eligibility.


Empire District Electric solar rebate

Empire District Electric customers are eligible for a major solar rebate. Depending on the solar installation date and rebate application date, customers in the utility’s territory can receive a solar rebate of up to $.50/W.

What are the best financial incentives to go solar in Missouri?

Solar property tax exemption

In addition to getting discounts and rebates on the cost of your solar installation, all solar homeowners in Missouri are exempt from property tax increases that result from installing solar panels on their home.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Of course, every solar homeowners benefits from the federal solar tax credit offered nationwide. Now that the solar ITC has been extended through 2021, any Missouri resident that owns his or her solar panel system through a direct purchase or loan can cut their solar installation costs by 30 percent when they cash in on this major benefit of going solar in the United States.

Happy Students

Darren Bent - Boone County, MO

We spoke to Show Me Star Energy about our current electric consumption. After a no pressure consultation over the phone with my husband and I we decided to go with our 8 KW solar system. Installation was a breeze and hassle free, the first month after installation we saw savings. We can monitor our system from our mobile devices while at work or vacation. We are very happy with our system and Show Me Star Energy.

Sarah Lesberry - Audrain County, MO

Our farm was build in the 1950s, that consumes a sizable amount of energy each month. With the help of our solar panels and solar hot water heater we are getting around 65% efficiently.  I’ve been able to make huge cuts to my monthly bill! I love no maintenance and easy monitoring.

The Johnsons - Boone County, MO

Installing the 40 KW solar system for our grain bins  was a great decision! We’ve managed to offset most of our electric needs for many generations. I am looking forward to enjoying the extra $2,000 per year of savings and generations of renewable energy.


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